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Robert McCall Show at the Arizona Museum for Youth

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Celebrating 100 Years of Powered Flight
Robert McCall
The Arizona Museum for Youth will present Dreaming of Tomorrow, The Art of Robert McCall from August 26, 2005 until January 6, 2006. Robert McCall came to public attention in the early 1960s as the illustrator for LIFE magazine's memorable series on the future of space travel. At that time, he became one of a few select artists to be chosen for NASA, documenting the progress of American space history, and has been present at nearly every NASA event since.

In addition to artworks by Robert McCall this exhibition will feature some out-of-this-world activities including: design a scene from deep space, create an original space craft from paper, build a robot, stroll on the Moon, enter the "space race" to Mars, and draw a galaxy.

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