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"Roving Mars" Coming to IMAX January 27, 2006/ Rated G.

ROVING MARSIs there life on Mars? Robots are currently searching for an answer to that and other Posterquestions regarding Earth's closest neighbor. This IMAX documentary details the journies of Spirit and Opportunity, two rovers exploring the red planet, and promises to take us closer than ever before. It is directed by George Butler (Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry) and produced by Frank Marshall (who has produced blockbuster The Sixth Sense and the esteemed Back to the Future and Indiana Jones trilogies).

For a movie with major studio backing that will be released in less than two months, you'd be hard-pressed to find one with as little information dispatched and as little interest registered. Disney has found a niche market for co-produced IMAX films over the past few years, but despite its large-format photography, Roving Mars could be the smallest yet.

Coming to IMAX Theaters January 27, 2006 / Rated G
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